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Most represented bridges ( on this site)

Index Painters

Worldwide  issues  2004>2019

Bridges in Paintings on stamps and postal stationeries

Introduction - Présentation

XVIII-XIX( 3 pages) XXe century  
Supports and techniques XIXe: Impressionnism Venice and its bridges  
From Middle Ages to Renaissance XIXe: Van Gogh   Venice and Canaletto  
Renaissance - 

XIXe: following the  Impressionnism - Cezanne, Seurat...  

Far-East, China  
From Renaissance to XVIII  century From XIX to XX century    Far-East, Japan 

Of men and Bridges

Of men and bridges  - Engineers and architects   Of bridges and Schools
Allegories, symbols ...     Building bridges   Functions;   toll bridges   
Europa 1984 &2018   - Engineers at Châteauneuf/Loire Conflicts and events     -

Of bridges  and cities

Bridges and cities    -  Bridges over the River Loire -   Praha and Charles'bridge
Paris and its bridges - Budapest   -   London and its bridges  

Bridges' types

First bridges    -   Stone arch bridges - Steel truss or girder bridges 
Wooden bridges Bridges and Castles    + Fortfied cities - Bastille Of bridges and railways  -
 Roman bridges    Viaducts  - Moving bridges  
Fortified bridges  Concrete arch bridges  Suspension bridges 
Covered bridges    Stone and  concrete beam bridge - Cable stayed & mixed bridges.
Constructions on bridges - Steel arch bridges  - Aqueducts and miscellaneous

Dams and bridges  

The columns followed of **, contain an article with developed information...

Bridge between two stamps "( Mona Lisa ) Yt 2851/2 de 1993

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